First Taste of Summer

I’m finally back! After a small haitus from my blog due to surgery I’m happily posting again.  Sadly, it’s been rainy in New York but this past weekend has been a tease of what summer will be like. I decided on wearing jeans because I think my legs are too pale(no really they’re pasty). The minute I stepped outside in the 80 degree weather I regretted that decision. I think most of us can agree that when it’s hot out and your jeans are sticking to you, it’s worst feeling. As usual, my only way of defense against the muggy weather was an iced latte. Lately, I’ve been super busy and unorganized so in all honesty I threw this outfit on. You can’t disappoint with sandals, comfy jeans, and an off the shoulder shirt. And don’t forget the reflective sunglasses to hide the bags under your eyes!! Those and iced lattes are my only saviors these days.

P.S. I will tag the clothes at the end of this post..

Thank you for reading and staying with me when I took over a month off! xoxo.


Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Shirt: Urban Outfitters (last season)

Jeans: Hollister (reworked)

Bag: Steve Madden



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