Comfy In Cashmere

Happy Thursday! If you’ve been following along on my Instagram, I had mentioned a purchase from Fat Face I recently got. Going along with my last blog post, I’ve been trying to form a more ethical and sustainable wardrobe. Fat Face is an ethical and sustainable brand of clothing. I was super pumped to find a cashmere sweater at Fat Face in Portland, ME. The best part? The sweater was half off so I scored this comfy beauty for $50! I know right?! Amazing. Anyway, I wanted to create an OOTD post because I haven’t for awhile. The best thing about this sweater is that it’s very versatile. I paired with jeans and a leather jacket but it could also work over a summer dress or even tucked into a skirt. I will definitely be visiting Fat Face again in the future. If you’re interested in twinning with me I would recommend visiting a Fat Face store near you or browsing their website Fat Face.┬áHave a great weekend!




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