3 Last Minute Thanksgiving Outfits

Thanksgiving is tomorrow which means an excuse to finally dress up! I put together three outfits that go from dressy to casual. The first outfit is a white dress paired with a turtleneck and booties. I added a leather jacket to give it an edgier vibe. The next outfit is casual but it’s not quite sweatpants either. A denim skirt, simple turtleneck, and a statement jacket can go a long way this holiday season. The cheetah print on the jacket spices up an otherwise average look. The third outfit I put together is the easiest and most casual look for the holiday season. Let’s be honest, sometimes we dress pertaining to how much mashed potatoes and stuffing we’re going to consume. Am I right? I know I am. Boyfriend jeans and loose jackets work perfectly if you’re in the mood to stuff your face. I know I am. I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving. xoxo



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